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  • Competition to celebrate the release of the “limited-scream app”

        Competition time again! We vave a Blu-ray limited edition of DEMONS to grab to celebrate the release of the “limited-release app” in: the windows store: Link to limited-release in both the Windows Store and on the Windows Store Website: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/limited-scream/93cec892-aa79-4473-8f7b-4cf508a6f19c and the windows phone store: Link to the Store: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=fe1519f7-634f-4b94-b6af-fc22a85b83b2 The rules are […]

  • Survivors, a film by Adam J Spinks

    How far would you go to survive? That’s the question at the heart of the upcoming feature film “Survivors” from Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Film. Produced by Award-Winning filmmaker Michael Beddoes and Directed by Adam J Spinks (The Expedition), these awesome new shots give us our first look at the characters […]

  • Goal of the Dead: A French Zombie answer to the World Cup.

    Zombies, one of the best horror subject. This time the film is French, they don’t make horror films everyday but when they do they are usually crafted, and this one is no exception.   Enjoy the trailer and keep your eyes open as this one will be a keeper. GOAL OF THE DEAD A film […]

  • The Rectory pre-production… a paranormal suspense thriller.

    An interesting project on Indiegogo: The rectory.   In 1937, Harry Price held the keys to the most haunted house in England. He returned to face his demons… interesting, and more interesting is the video pitch below:     Haunted house always been one of my favourite subject when it comes to horror/spooky films and this […]

  • DROP BEARS – Attack! of the Killer Koalas

    You have to love creatures horror films, from sharks to spiders they are at the basis of the genre… so what a nice surprise to see a project about killer koalas! Synopsis A group of young backpackers go camping in the wild Australian outback. However, our hapless travellers have inadvertently wandered into the habitat of […]

  • Alien Abduction Official Trailer

    keeping up with trailers that give the wish to watch indie films this time we have a Found Footage Sci-Fi Horror Movie named “Alien Abduction” once again, we cannot wait to see the end result as the trailer is awesome:   Alien Abduction Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Found Footage Sci-Fi Horror Movie Plot: A vacationing […]